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Moon Void of Course

The astrological term “void-of-course Moon” or just “void Moon” appeared at the time of Claudius Ptolemy, an outstanding scientist, astronomer and astrologer living in Alexandria between 90 and 168 AD.

The void-of-course Moon is a period of time of the transition between the Moon signs when the Moon itself is not quincunx the planets. The blank course reading starts when the Moon in the current sign is last inconjunct the planet until it moves to a new sign. This period can last from a couple of minutes to two days.

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The moon always moves along twelve zodiac signs, each of which forms one-twelfth of the cycle or 30° of 360°. To pass through one sign, the Moon spends two and a half days on it. Every sign is like a new chapter of the book: the Moon moving along the sign tells us a story, and the main characters of the story are quincunx aspects of the planets that the Moon forms during this process. Finally, all the characters (planets’ aspects) have left the stage, but the story is not over as the Moon is still in the sign. From this point, the void-of-course moon starts moving until a new story begins in a new sign. So, I have tried to explain the meaning of the term “void Moon” as simple as possible. Some people erroneously consider the void-of-course Moon as a period of the transition between signs. But the Moon does not have gaps and intervals, so the next sign follows the previous one immediately.

How to Treat the Void-of-Course Moon

The Moon is a mistress of emotions and instincts. It is a planet of spirits without conscious mental processes. All living thing is affected by its cycles. Even inveterate sceptics of the scientific community admit the moon’s influence upon the human body. To be more objective, I will cite examples from credible astrological editions and astrologers’ recommendations. It is not recommended to do the following things within the period of the void-of-course Moon: sign contracts, plan something, close trades and start new projects. You should not start doing something that would cause a particular long-term result. If you neglect this rule, the work started within the cycle of the void-of-course Moon will be redone over and over due to different problems and failures. During this period our mind experiences confusion and desolation. We feel emotional mess and have a bad mood. Many students complain that they can’t remember lectures in this period. Psychologically speaking, memory and studying are closely linked to emotions. And that is why new information is poorly absorbed in a subdued period of time. Many astrologers describe this period as wasted time. During the void Moon it is better to postpone important and new matters but to have rest and enjoy yourself. It is recommended to calm down and see the world from new perspectives looking at it in a different way without planning ahead.

Impact of Moon’s Last Quincunx with Planet

The last quincunx with the planet also influences on the void-of-course Moon’s impact. If the past aspect has been unfavorable (conjunction, quadrature), the adverse influence of the void-of-course Moon will be reinforced in the sphere of this planet’s impact. For instance, the Moon being last square Jupiter may cause legal and financial problems in this period. If the past aspect, on the contrary, has been favorable, it will alleviate the void cycle’s adverse influence. William Lilli, a famous astrologer, believed that the void Moon can be neutralized if it is in a good receding aspect of the planet and if its sign is in abode or exaltation. In the case of Venus or Jupiter being in the exalting sign, the Moon can cause so positive effect that you even can start a lifetime project in this period.





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